Financial and Accounting Calculations

It mainly includes the following professional services: Record keeping according to applicable legislation and preparation of financial statements (statement of financial position, statement of income, statement of cash flows, statement of changes in equity). Develop appropriate accounting policies and estimates for customer activity. Conduct financial analysis of the interim and annual financial statements of customers and the extraction of indicators of future trends, to assist them in the planning of their administrative process. Provide internal audit services to clients in accordance with international standards issued in this regard, to ensure an effective internal controls to their work, and protecting funds and assets of the company.

Tax Consultancy Services

These include conducting detailed study of the tax revenues of the clients, with regard of tax payments they had in the previous years, to identify gaps that cause increase of tax burden on them, and address results of the detailed study in accordance with the related legislation, as well as setting out an appropriate tax plan. We also provide the clients with the latest developments and amendments made to tax and duties regulations and follow up on their implementation at the Income and Sales Tax Department, and the Department of the General Customs in a timely manner. Sales Tax: It includes providing professional advice, training, and special services needed in areas of sales tax, and maintain the following up actions with the Income and Sales Tax Department. Provide the clients with tax consultations, as well as with the related laws and regulations, which reflects positively on the company and its tax status. Study the tax profile of the company in terms the collection and deduction of revenues under the applicable sales tax law, to avoid tax penalties. Attend sales tax discussion sessions on behalf of clients. Provide our clients with the regulations, instructions and legislations issued by the Income and Sales Tax Department, as well as with any related changes that take place on them. Paying tax dues on behalf of our client if needed. Review sales tax secretariats for each tax period to avoid exposing our customers to any financial penalties. Income tax: Our services in this regard include following up on all procedures related to the income tax law and mainly include the following: Filling in the self-assessment of companies and individuals and (filling the information vouchers for the company / the consumption form / certified salary) and submitting it to the Income and Sales Tax Department on time. Answering any queries the company wishes to ascertain about its tax status. Providing our clients with all the income and sales tax, issued by the applied legislation and the amendments thereto. Attending the estimation sessions in the Income and Sales Tax Department, discussing the annual financial statements with the competent authorities, and prepare the necessary follow-up to the tax dues on the company, and take the necessary procedures to obtain a clearance from the Income and Sales Tax Department in accordance with the applied laws and regulations

Customs Consultations

Our services include customs consultation and follow-up of all customs issues, which are carried out by a specialized team of customs consultants who have sufficient experience and knowledge in customs matters. This helps our clients avoid fines and any increase in customs duties. We also provide the following services: Follow up on import and delivery of goods. Follow up the temporary entry of goods for the purpose of manufacturing or storage. Follow up the transit of goods (transit). Providing the company with all the changes that occur in the customs law and regulations in the department.

Business Evaluation

Due to the current rapid economic developments, and the need for having in place small and medium sized enterprises and partnerships, as well as need for investors to increase their market share and make large investments, actions for mergers and acquisitions or buying business organizations may be the appropriate strategy for them in these circumstances. To conduct fair evaluation of business organizations, evaluation studies must be conducted on the basis of accurate and up-to-date information and methods of evaluation, using several methods and methodologies according to the nature of work and activity, and in accordance with the appropriate principles and expertise to reach the public value, we offer all evaluation services by using best evaluation practices and latest methods used locally and internationally to meet the requirements and needs of our development customers, aiming at estimating the fair market value of business organizations and make decisions and strategy. Our services include valuing financial instruments, stocks, valuing tangible and intangible assets, etc...

Follow-up on Process of Registering Companies

Follow-up on process for registering companies with the Controller of Companies in the Ministry of Industry and Trade, these include: Assisting customers in registering all types of companies with the General Controller Department of companies including: Public Shareholding Companies. Private Shareholding Companies. Limited Liability Companies. Solidarity Companies. Our services also include liquidation and supervision of companies in accordance with the applied laws, and in coordination with the General Controller of Companies.

Specialized Training

Training is the cornerstone of the success of any establishment and developing of its all areas of its technical, administrative, financial work, through the development of capabilities of staff and human resources, to keep abreast of the latest developments taking place at the local and global levels. In this regard, we seek to provide comprehensive services in the field of training by organizing training programs, workshops, and conferences, using the latest methodological applications, and innovative tools that meet the needs of Arab institutions and the neighboring countries. Our training team is characterized by its unique scientific qualification, knowledge and practical experience. They are senior consultants, technical and professional experts. They carry out training programs using their wide-range experiences in the field of training with a high level of quality and professionalism, in addition to their special knowledge in applying the best international experiences and practices, as well as modern tools, skills and techniques.

Other Important Services

Feasibility studies: These studies include the study of the market, studying the financial situation of the project as well as financial feasibility of the project. We also prepare social feasibility studies for public projects and indicate their social impact. Project Management: We undertake studies and analysis of projects by a group of experts and professional engineers to structure work and develop the regulations and instructions necessary for the various financial and administrative activities, in order to achieve wise governance of procedures and work. Special Operations: This is a special task requested by customers and is agreed upon with them such as comprehensive audit of accounts, follow up of any financial and administrative matters, and prepare reports and arbitration in accordance with relevant legislation and regulations.

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