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About Us

Guided by its General Manager Sami Al Quraan it aims at achieving excellence in providing unique constancy and training services to customers and stakeholders, based on our well established planning, design, supervision and implementation of unique training programs, through our distinguished team of trainers and experts in the various fields of knowledge, and specialization in our respective fields of professionalism, as well as our training programs which provide best quality of training techniques that fulfil the real demands of our customers, and ensure improved performance and excellence of the participants, based on deep understanding of the real needs of the current professional market, and environment. Our vision, “Be the Leader in achievement of Institutional Financial Excellence” by assisting clients' institutions in the development process of their business, and achievement of their ambitions and objectives, by providing best scientific consultation options and solutions, through applying most appropriate practical methods and techniques, and organize a well-designed conferences, training courses and seminars that ensure best means of transferring knowledge and expertise, aiming at achieving best value of money, and professional added value for our clients.

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Financial and Accounting Calculations

It mainly includes the following professional services: Record keeping according to applicable legislation and preparation of financial statements (statement of financial position, statement of income, statement of cash flows, statement of changes in equity). Develop appropriate accounting policies and estimates for customer activity. Conduct financial analysis of the interim and annual financial statements of customers and the extraction of indicators of future trends, to assist them in the planning of their administrative process. Provide internal audit services to clients in accordance with international standards issued in this regard, to ensure an effective internal controls to their work, and protecting funds and assets of the company.

Follow-up on Process of Registering Companies

Follow-up on process for registering companies with the Controller of Companies in the Ministry of Industry and Trade, these include: Assisting customers in registering all types of companies with the General Controller Department of companies including: Public Shareholding Companies. Private Shareholding Companies. Limited Liability Companies. Solidarity Companies. Our services also include liquidation and supervision of companies in accordance with the applied laws, and in coordination with the General Controller of Companies.

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